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Project Description

Axel Preuß
Rechtsanwalt, Specialist Tax Lawyer

Mr. Preuß has been practicing as a lawyer since 1991. Following his legal practice for a tax advising company and an associated law firm, Mr. Preuß joined Schindhelm & Pfisterer in 1993 to become a partner thereof in 2001.

In 1994, Mr. Preuß acquired the qualification as “Specialist Tax Lawyer”. Furthermore, he successfully accomplished the course of lectures required for the qualification as “Specialist Commercial and Corporate Lawyer”.

Mr. Preuß predominantly provides advice and contract design in domestic as well as international settings of commercial law with the following focuses:


  • Commercial and corporate law (in particular M&A, incorporations and restructurings of enterprises as well as distribution contracts)
  • business reorganizations (in particular mergers, demergers, and businesses as capital contributions in the national as well as cross-border context)
  • law of succession (in particular concepts for corporate succession, devising wills and testamentary contracts, adoptions, as well as arrangements of transactions in anticipation of legal succession)
  • tax law (in particular commercial contract design) as well as advice and representation regarding the law of fiscal offences)
  • banking and capital market law

The last year, Mr. Preuß has also provided on-site advice to German business entities on various issues of their foreign activities, especially in other European countries and in Asia. He disposes of manifold contacts to institutions and entrepreneurs in other European countries as well as in Asia. Moreover, he advises and represents foreign clients with respect to their operations in Germany.

On a regular basis, Mr. Preuß lectures on focal points of his practice at banks, confederations, companies, the chamber of commerce and industry and the chamber of crafts. He furthermore is lecturer at a private university. He is a long-standing member of several supervisory bodies in Germany and abroad.

Mr. Preuß advises in German and in English.

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