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Project Description

Petra Pfisterer

Mrs. Pfisterer started practicing as lawyer in late 1984 in Pforzheim. Along with her husband, Rolf Pfisterer, and Mr. Wolfgang Schindhelm she founded the law firm Schindhelm & Pfisterer in 1985.

Mrs. Pfisterer’s predominant field of activity is contract design in German and international commercial law settings with the following focuses:

  • License and know-how contracts (patents, trademarks, utility patents), research and development agreements
  • Vdesign of business transactions, in particular corporate acquisitions
  • system contracts in the automotive and medical industry
  • distribution contracts (sales agents and quality assurance agreements)
  • general terms and conditions

Mrs. Pfisterer advises in German and in English.

Petra Pfisterer / phone: +49 7231  9245 68 / assistant: Xenia Becht / ppfisterer@rae-sp.de / vCard