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Project Description

Mergers and Acquisitions

In the field Mergers & Acquisitions, we advise comprehensively on the exceedingly complex processes of acquisition, sale, or merger of businesses or parts thereof, at the domestic as well as at the international level.
We provide respective guidance to you during the

For more than 25 years we have successfully accomplished transactions involving medium sized companies in Europe, the US, and Asia (Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, Taiwan) in close cooperation with lawyers based in the respective foreign jurisdictions.

Preliminary Stage:

  • selection of the target company,
  • preparation of negotiations and draft of a Confidentiality Agreement

Transaction Stage

  • contract negotiations and reconcilement of interests,
  • draft of a Letter of Intent,
  • examination of the target company (Due Diligence investigation),
  • structuring of the transactions (deal design),
  • draft of contracts.

Integration Stage

  • restructuring of business entities including respective contract design, if applicable,
  • overcoming cultural complicacies in transactions with international impact by means of respective domestic experience and connections.

Your lawyers specialized in mergers and acquisitions:

Rolf Pfisterer
Rolf PfistererLawyer
Axel Preuß
Axel PreußLawyer, Specialist Tax Lawyer
Eva Kurek
Eva KurekLawyer Maître en Droit