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Project Description

(Private) Construction Law

The implementation of construction projects, in particular of sizable and commercial building projects (e. g. warehouses and production halls, office buildings, residential and business premises) imperatively necessitates professional advice in business and technical matters.

Equally necessary is the legal attendance of such projects by distinguished specialists.

The continuous attendance of a sizable building project by an experienced specialist lawyer minimizes expensive and time-consuming disruptions of the construction sequence.

Our advice and contract design include special types of contracts, e. g. guaranteed maximum price, main contractor, and turnkey contracts, as well as standard contracts for services and property developer contracts.

We advise and represent our clients also during the construction phase, in situations where disruptions of the construction sequence – especially as a result of delay and defects – demand the secure handling of the Contracting Rules for Award of Public Works (“VOB/B”) and of additional regulations.

The objective of our advice is always to avoid tedious and expensive lawsuits. Should that not be possible, we are sufficiently experienced to litigate even extensive cases in an optimal way.

We offer legal advice accompanying constructions with respect to

  • public tender, public procurement
  • egal preparation of public procurement by assisting in negotiations and design of required contracts
  • conflict management in case of disruption of the construction sequence
  • claim management (subsequent queries)
  • measures to be taken in case of delay of the construction sequence
  • measures to be taken in case of defects becoming apparent in the course of the execution of construction work
  • final acceptance
  • enforcement of warranty claims after completion of construction works


Your lawyers specialized in (private) construction law:

Wolfgang Schindhelm
Wolfgang SchindhelmLawyer, Specialist Family Lawyer
Dr. Ulrich Klaedtke
Dr. Ulrich KlaedtkeLawyer