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Project Description

Wolfgang Schindhelm
Lawyer, Specialist Family Lawyer

Mr. Schindhelm has been practicing as a lawyer since 1977. Along with the married couple Petra and Rolf Pfisterer, he founded the law firm Schindhelm & Pfisterer in 1985.

In 1997, Mr. Schindhelm gained the qualification for “Specialist Family Lawyer”.

Mr. Schindhelm advises and litigates in civil and commercial law with the following focuses:

  • Family Law ((litigation in all kinds of proceedings as well as devising prenuptial agreements)
  • Law of Succession (design of wills and inheritance contracts)
  • Real Estate and Condominium Law (design of real estate contracts including declarations partition)
  • Corporate Law (disputes among shareholders)
  • Criminal Law

Mr. Schindhelm advises in German and in English.

Wolfgang Schindhelm / phone: +49 7231  9245 25 / assistant: Daniela Schmidt / wschindhelm@rae-sp.de / vCard