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Project Description

Architect and Engineer Law

We serve our clients at the interface of law and engineering in all construction projects. Apart from litigation and drafting of agreements in that filed, we provide legal accompanying construction projects and project-managing, thereby taking into account the substantive law of construction, the Contracting Rules for Award of Public Works (“VOB”), the Regulations and the Fee Structures for Architects and Engineers (“HOAI”), as well as mechanisms of public procurement and contract management. The accurate application of the “HOAI” is part of particular significance for the enforcement of architects’ and engineers’ claim to remuneration. Decisive in that context is the correct deal design as well as the faultless preparation of invoices pursuant to “HOAI” principles.

From the perspective of the builder-owner the focus is on the design of the contracts with architects, specialist engineers, and project managers that are necessary for realizing the project. In workshops and seminars, our clients may inform themselves about the safe handling of the “HOAI”, of the public procurement law, and the “VOB/B”, in order to optimize mechanisms of operation, e. g. concerning day-to-day activities on the construction site.