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Project Description

Corporate Law

We attend to the economic law-related development of business, in national as well as international settings, from the start-up to the economic success. We provide guidance to business entities at their settings up and during their growth period (market activities, search for and formation of co-operations, development of new markets, involvement of employees, founding of subsidiaries etc.), and we assist in creating and adjusting corporate configurations and in safeguarding business relations. In that context we develop in particular corporate law concepts and agreement (concerning partnerships, companies limited by shares, stock corporations, foundations) also with respect to corporate transformations and employees profit-sharing schemes.

Your lawyers specialized in corporate law:

Wolfgang Schindhelm
Wolfgang SchindhelmLawyer, Specialist Family Lawyer
Rolf Pfisterer
Rolf PfistererLawyer
Axel Preuß
Axel PreußLawyer, Specialist Tax Lawyer
Eva Kurek
Eva KurekLawyer, Maître en Droit