It is our goal to lead medium-sized companies to palpable national and international success by rendering and efficiently implementing economically coined legal advice and by offering interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.

We stand by our clients as a reliable partner with long-lived experience.

With our strategy of comprehensive and collaborative advice, and always with an eye on strategy, we support our medium-sized business clients:

  • as a flexible external legal department and policy unit

  • by integration into our efficient international networks and co-operations

  • by covering practical issues in our workshops and newsletters.

For more than 30 years, we have been part of our client’s success.

The law firm Schindhelm & Pfisterer was founded on January 1, 1985 in Pforzheim by Wolfgang Schindhelm and the married couple Rolf and Petra Pfisterer. Since 2008, the law firm also has an office in Stuttgart.

We stand by you in terms of law and business and, most of all, with a very personal approach.

Our team’s longstanding experience as entrepreneurs or legal counsels in industry is the basis for successful industry-oriented support to medium-sized companies.

Our individual in-house trainings and workshops provide a useful toolbox for your people’s everyday work.

Think global, act regional –
talk to us.