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Project Description

Antje Reinicke
Rechtsanwältin, Specialist Labour Lawyer

Mrs. Reinicke was born in 1974 in Greiz and has practiced as a lawyer since August 2001. Since April 2005, she is Specialist Labour Lawyer.

Already during her studies of law at the University of Passau as well as during her subsequent legal clerkship in the State of Schleswig-Holstein, she specialized in labour law. Mrs. Reinicke gained international experience during a three-month internship in a law firm in California, USA. She started her practice as a lawyer with a law firm associated with a big German audit firm and in 2003 transferred to the Hamburg labour law department of the law firm CMS Haschle Sigle. For family-related reasons, she relocated to Stuttgart, where Mrs. Reinicke pursued her legal practice from 2006 until 2008 in the labour law firm Ulrich Weber & Partner GbR. Since January 2009, Mrs. Reinicke has been practicing for Schindhelm & Pfisterer.

The legal practice of Mrs. Reinicke comprises the advice in all questions of individual and collective labour law as well as of collective bargaining law. Mrs. Reinicke’s focus of activity is:

  • Advice to and litigation in all German labour courts on behalf of entrepreneurs and employees, respectively, in particular on behalf of executive officers, prior as well as subsequent to the notice of termination of employment,


  • negotiation and conclusion of termination agreements,
  • advice with respect to part-time work, employment limited in time, legal protection of working mothers and parental leave,
  • advice on and design of contracts of employment and contracts for personal services
  • comprehensively advising entrepreneurs and workers’ councils on worker participation
  • advising entrepreneurs and workers’ councils on business changes, including the negotiation of reconcilements of interests and social compensation plans (redundancy programmes), ranging up to representation in legally prescribed arbitration committees

Moreover, Mrs. Reinicke is course instructor of advanced training labour law events. Her range of activity furthermore includes presenting in-house workshops on all labour law issues.

Mrs. Reinicke advises in German and in English.

Antje Reinicke / phone: +49 7231  9245 14 / assistant.: Kathrin Gejsler / areinicke@rae-sp.de / vCard