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Project Description

Maria-Teresa Grillo-Bencivinni

Mrs. Maria-Teresa Grillo-Bencivinni has supported our team in Pforzheim since 1 November 2019. Mrs. Grillo-Bencivinni started her studies in law at the Eberhardt Karls University in Tübingen and then changed to the Ruprecht Karls University in Heidelberg in 2013. Already at this stage of her legal studies she focused on labour law and social law.

During her practical legal training at the Landgericht in Karlsruhe she focused once more on labour law and during that time she already supported our team in the field of civil law and labour law.

Mrs. Grillo-Bencivinni’s legal practice encompasses advice on all issues of civil law and commercial law as well as of individual and collective labour law. The key aspects of her practice are:

  • civil law (especially law regarding sales agreements and contracts for services), international private law and international civil procedure law,
  • advice for companies and employees in connection with termination of employment agreements and related litigation,
  • negotiation and conclusion of termination agreements,
  • design of and advice on employment and general service agreements,
  • support of companies and works councils on issues regarding workers’ participation and decision-making procedures at employment tribunals.

Mrs. Grillo-Bencivinni advices in german and in italian.


Maria-Teresa Grillo Bencivinni / Tel.: 07231  92 45 14 / tgrillo@rae-sp.de